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Detective and Partners

Detective and Partners wanted to operate throughout France and abroad. For that purpose, we established a network of qualified professionals who can intervene effectively and quickly in all the fields of activity and regardless the place of the investigation. We also set up an online space allowing customer to take its real-time investigation by viewing the last daily report made and photographs taken during the investigation.


Detective and Partners is specialized in the providing of evidence before the court. We intervene in a effective and reactive way to bring you the proofs that you need to defend your interests in justice. Our reports have already made their proof before the court.


Detective and Partners can operate throughout France and abroad according to the needs of your case. Our ability to intervene anywhere in the world without permission, allows us to manage urgent problems like the disappearance of a person, child kidnapping, fraud Abroad...


All Detective and Partners offices interventions ends in the handing-in with the presentation of a detailed report admissible in court. To be admissible, the report must meet several requirements as we strive to follow to the letter. The report should:

• Narrate serious, precise and corresponding assumptions

• Be detailed enough on the facts related

• Be accompanied with the other certificates emanating from a third person

• Be accompanied by documents and photographs

• Remain objective and does not include value judgments

• Provide guarantees of authenticity

• May be accompanied by the investigator in court hearing

• Possibly come along with the report of a bailiff

• Our professionalism is to provide you a full reports that defend your interests before the court.


Inquire for more information about our possibilities for action.


Contact a private detective for an intervention in France.
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