Background check services

Back grounds checks are essential to many aspects of business and personal life.

In France like everywhere around the globe you will encounter very interesting people who may change you life. Sometimes an investor, a business encounter, a partner and other times a person who changes you personal life. Either way, when dealing across borders, knowing more about your client, your business angel, or your new relationship can help clear the mist and better understand who you are dealing with.

Private Investigator are regularly called upon to verify information

KYC (Know Your Client) is a standard procedure in all banks and many businesses in the US and UK, this can apply all across the scope of human relations. Better knowing who you are dealing with allows you to anticipate, prepare and manage risks. Verifying stories and backgrounds, checking references, looking into diplomas and work experiences. Before making an important decision it is key to know how close to the truth you stand.

France and background checks

In France, it is not as common to check references and go all the way to apply standard due diligence procedures, this means that on average, information isn’t as easy to reach. Many organizations in France don’t yet have processes to hand over information to a PI, getting information is a matter of knowing how and where to look. You’ll find various companies able to provide background check services, due diligence, market surveillance, reference checking, black list verification and KYC reports. The key is finding someone who listens to your needs, understands you, can help you locally and in English.

The way we see it

We have both the resources and the network to hand over to you a comprehensive report, giving you a head start on you new endeavors. Of course, all of the information you provide will help us perform the task and go that step further in providing deep insight and foresight. We are just one form and phone call away, you’ll be contacted in English. Feel free to get in touch now.