Missing persons search

Someone you hold dear has disappeared leaving no trace or clue as to where they went?

If you lose touch or suddenly can’t reach a person you love who no longer looks like they live at the same address, didn’t come home or who didn’t warn anyone when they left. It’s difficult to know what to do. Perhaps you are also worried, because this person would normally give a sign of life.
If you’re looking to find this person you suspect went through France or still is, we are here to help..

Disappearances, whether the circumstances are worrying or not must always be taken seriously

Every year, several tens of thousands people disappear in Europe and abroad. It’s not easy to know how to tackle this issue beyond borders. Tracing missing people is a stressful process when you try to go it alone, you can lose a little faith, but the key is persistence and seeking professional advice.

 Private Investigators can help find the person you are looking for

In France, it is essential to find a PI who both knows the local territory and can provide service you can easily understand in English. Finding a grown person on a vast territory is not easy, especially if the circumstances are uncertain, and the disappearance dated.

We need to have access to as much information as possible about the missing person.

The more information you can have prepared to give them, the better. Additional important information, if you have it, would be any previous or current phone numbers and so on.